SM-01-Blender soup maker-Always Appliance Co.,Limited.

Product name: Blender soup maker 
Model No.: SM-01
Model No. : SM-01
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1. Multifunction- blending, cooking/heating, juicing, crush ice, etc.
2. Make fresh Hot food & soup & sauce dish in only 20-25minutes
3. Spring/Summer- Make cool smoothy slushie and margarita drink.
4. All soup making and food processing are AUTOMATIC.
5. 2 Auto shut off function, on lid and jar
6. Easy Operated Control Panel- Option(6 choices) & ON/OFF
    Soup Chunky(30ins.) / Soup Smooth(20mins.) / Keep Warm(Chocolate Milk)(10mins.) / Juice / Boil & Steam(15mins.)
7. Easy cleaning- most jar parts can be dismantled and rinsing and brushing are ok.
8. Capacity- 1700 ml
9. motor- 300W, heater- 800-900W.
10. 3 protection device- overspill and anti-dry, prevent damage to machine, lid ON/OFF switch
11. Standard accessories- Measuring cup,
12. Optional accessories- Egg Steamer, S.S 304 Stainless filter,Sponge,Brush.