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Product name: Double Head Stainless Steel Milk Shake Machine 
Model No.: MS-002
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Model No. : MS-002
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Double-head Milk Shake machine

Voltage:AC 220-240V~ / 50-60Hz; AC 100-127V~/50-60Hz



1.Adopts industry continuous current dynamo,bigger torque,more smooth operation,lower noise,it’s working life is much longer than string-excited ac motor.
2.Max power arrives 150-300W,strong horsepower.
3.Motor cap adopts zinc alloy materail,whole pressure casted,making the structure more tight,stable,and the heat dissipation effect is better.
4.Machine boday,cup,and the components that touch water all are stainless steel 304.
5.Adopts “from empty type” installation: most of the motor vibration energy is absorbed by the soft rubber,damping effect is remarkable,more silent.
6.Arc-shaped new design of the cup,makes the tirring more evenly,this can avoide the the spilled of the food materials.
7.Fixed block is made from alloy materail pressure casting,and fastened by screw,more stable.
8.Center move forward new design avoides the machine from ”fadeaway” fall down,making the machine more steady.

Inner packing:31x25x56cm:

Outer packing:64x52x59cm

Net Weight:40KG