ML-15-Electric Watr Boiler-Always Appliance Co.,Limited.

Product name: Electric Watr Boiler 
Model No.: ML-15
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Model No. : ML-15
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Model    Power  Capacity    Single Paking size       Carton size        G.W.(Single Layer)   G.W.(Double Layer)
ML-15A  1500W   6L 26.5X26.5X40cm 54x54x42cm 11.2KGS 12.2KGS
ML-15B 1500W   8L 26.5X26.5X43cm 54x54x45cm 12.2KGS 13KGS
ML-15K 1500W   10.8L 26.5X26.5X50cm 54x54x51cm 13KGS 13.8KGS
ML-15E 1500W   12L 32x32x46cm 65x65x48cm 16KGS 17.5KGS
ML-15D 1500W   16L 32x32x50cm 65x65x52.5cm 17KGS 18.6KGS
ML-15V 1600W   20L 32x32x55cm 65x65x58cm 18KGS 20KGS
ML-25B 2500W   30L 36x36x56cm 73x73x58.5cm 11KGS 12KGS
ML-25A  2500W   35L 36x36x63cm 73x73x65.3cm 12KGS

















Stainless Steel

Water Level Indicator

ON/OFF Switch

Pilot Light

Heating/Keep Warm

Temprature Control

How To Use

1.Remove all packages before use.

2.Open the lid and pour in water.Make sure the water is below the "MAX" water level indicater.

3.Connect the plug and the socket.

4.Switch ON. The "BOIL" polot lamp will light up and the water starts to heat up.It works until the "BOIL" pilot lamp goes out and the "KEEP WARM"

    pilot lamp lights up,showing that the appliance is preserving heat.

5.Use the faucet to dispense water.

6.When about three cups of water are remaining in the tank,turn the appliance off and unplug it from the electric outlet.

7.Always make sure at least three cuops of water are remaining in the tank to prevent a boil-dry accident.


The appliance is protected by a thermal limiter to prevent accidental dry-boil.If the water in the tank is boiled dry,the

limiter is activated.The appliance wukk turn itself off,although the lamp with remain on.


The appliance is fitted with a thermal cut-out to have double safety protection.When the water is boiled dry and

the boil-dry protection fails to work,the thermal cut-out will work,then the appliance stop working.This thermal

cut-out is a disposable part.When this part is triggered,it will be broken and cannot he used agai.The appliance

should be taken to an authorized agent to replace the thermal cut-off